Tuesday, April 21, 2015

and more flowers

last night's storms blew away most of the forsythia blooms, sadly, so i didn't get a picture of the brilliant yellows i've seen recently around town. but look what i found this morning to add to the collection from yesterday!

these are from around the neighborhood. we reside in such a beautiful, well-tended area. people take great pride in their small, sloped front yards. and with our many paths and sidewalks and parkways, the town's master gardeners have planned well for lovely displays. diana remarked to me recently that we have always - no matter where in the country - lived near trees and flowers and plenty of green. i'm glad she's noticed. it has been deliberate on our part to be immersed in vibrant, beautiful colors. they remind me i am alive and part of the earth.


gonna take a google-based guess that this is a kanzan yaezakura late-blooming cherry. or i could be completely wrong and it's a plum.

thinking this may be an apple variety

closeup of the same tree shows me five petals, so i can tell it's not a dogwood

azalea (rhododendron)

here's that redbud again, just a day or so later, now with green leaves emerging
ander has admired the blossoming trees almost as much as i have, remarking on them as we drive. i'm making it a personal project to identify at least some of them and teach ander. it's a small project, because i am also learning bird calls so i can identify what i hear around here. so far, i've learned the cardinal's song. i've also identified by ear a chickadee, a mourning dove, a crow, and woodpeckers. i've seen plenty of robins but haven't quite gotten their song down in my mind. learning them one at a time is enough for me.

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  1. wow, what beautiful flowers and flowering trees! <3

    learning to recognize birdsong has been SO hard for me; i think i get one nailed down but then they have different songs! my memory fails me. :)