Sunday, March 22, 2015

it's my birthday

yup, it is. and it's been great.

steve and tanya let me scream and sing along and utterly fangirl the awesome group pentatonix for their on my way home concert tour. i even got a t-shirt.

we attended the organization of virginia homeschoolers' annual conference in glen allen, va.

at the ice cream social after the epic talent show

diana with her entry for the art exhibit

steve took us all to the bookstaore and bought me trigger warning, neil gaiman's latest collection. (oh, and i'm going to see neil gaiman. from afar, but in the same large room. we will be breathing the same air. i'm almost faint with anticipation. jealous?)

diana with warriors and ander with elephant & piggie. who knew?
i got a really, really pretty new glass pendant:

it's been a beautiful, sunshiny, spring-y day. lots of messages wishing me love and happiness from family and friends, plus enthusiastic renditions of birthday songs. some pie for me, cake for others, and i can say with confidence that i have enough.


  1. mom, you are _always_ breathing the same air...we are on the same planet and neither of you live in an airtight container...