Saturday, March 7, 2015


at long last, diana was presented with a hard-earned badge at her recent girl scouts court of awards. this was an unusual, make-your-own badge based on extending her preparation and volunteering at riley's lock.

i'm a proud mama. though diana doesn't care to advertise her fabulousness as much as i do, she has graciously allowed me to share some of her work. i think it's pretty cool what she came up with after researching what interested her the most. among her self-directed multiple projects were:

designing and demonstrating a minecraft lock and creating a period-paper doll "lulu" with various articles of clothing and bedroom diorama with some of the things lulu would have fashioned herself, such as the rug and quilt:

bedroom diorama

LEGO washstand and mirror

nightgown, everyday dress, fancy dress

on her bed with her tiny doll
her doll even has authentic underwear (not shown). diana's research located this gem about victorian clothing.

oh, and did i mention she got to design the badge look herself? pretty nifty, i think.

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