Tuesday, January 20, 2015

the cave

we've spent a lot of time on minecraft recently. a lot. building, destroying, remodeling, decorating, planting, replanting, farming, harvesting, landscaping, spawning, breeding, taming, collecting, shearing, riding, feeding, dyeing, dressing, enchanting, flying, exploring, reading, writing, buying, selling, trading, planning, mapping. lots and lots of creating, learning, teaching and sharing moments.

both of the kids asked for LEGO minecraft sets for christmas. they didn't get them. they still want them and are saving up for them. ander has promised diana that he will buy her a set for her upcoming birthday. but he's been getting impatient about waiting for a set for himself, especially after studying videos by one of his favorite reviewers, evantubehd.

so, ander did what ander does and he made his own.

without further ado, here is ander (user name andromicus for you fellow minecrafters) with his own version of LEGO minecraft: the cave.

want to see other videos by ander? LEGOs and cars and planes and stuff? just go to his youtube channel. and subscribe. he'll be glad you did.

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