Tuesday, January 27, 2015

that's christmas to me

what? a post about christmas? that's just so . . . last year.

that sentiment might be true for others, but not for me. our christmas season lasts into january. our decorations stay up through epiphany, at least, but more often beyond. i'm following the example of the muppet christmas carol's character of ebenezer scrooge and keeping the christmas spirit in my heart all the year through.

my current favorite singing group, pentatonix, went platinum with their holiday album, that's christmas to me. there was a twitter hashtag and other such commotion about the title song. i spent this christmas season away from my blog and with my family and friends, embracing those moments. i hope you enjoy these little glimpses into what christmas means to me.

first, you have to listen to the song. watch the video, too. it has clips of each of the singers as children. diana calls it the mini-pentatonix song.

getting a tree: one for our family. plus one for diana. plus another for ander.

neither cold nor rain was going to keep us from completing our mission

we each got antlers from the lovely young ladies at the front door of the nursery
decorating the trees: we are fortunate to have so many ornaments. each of them has a special meaning or memory for us, so i cherish unpacking them every year.

dinsdale, the family tree, was initially decked out in woodland winter solstice attire especially for me
diana's scotch pine named biggles

ander's baby alberta spruce, named peace
dinsdale redecorated for christmas
quiet time with friends: a weekend with my dear leigh as she dealt with some difficult family responsibilities in florida

i did mention it was florida, right?

i cannot seem to manage to look right at a phone camera for selfies. then again, i have independent suspension for my eyes, so when i am tired, they don't look in the same direction together. so that will be the story i use here.

looking at lights: meadowlark botanical gardens winter walk of lights

everyone looks better in capes, i think

lovely weather for a sleigh ride together

holiday legos:

counting the days:

music: singing along with holiday favorites by pentatonix, nat king cole, amy grant, john denver & the muppets, mercy me, lori line, trans-siberian orchestra, charlie brown, listening to my girl perform her holiday solo for voice class

ander asked daddy to play the twelve days of christmas for him to sing along to. so daddy did.

games: parcheesi with family and friends

with grandma & grandpa. we had to call the game a draw after two and a half hours

the Winter Solstice Fairy oversees the daleks attempting to exterminate the wild animals. as you do.
gingerbread houses: we made a village based on graham crackers

diana's house (under construction & remodeling)

my gazebo

ander's house

ander's garden

steve's clock tower

tanya's barn & grandma's snowman in the back
leaving treats for santa & his reindeer: ander carefully counted out eight carrots and eight slices of apple. why not nine? what about rudolph? he's not in the original poem of twas the night before christmas, that's why.

hugs: family, friends, each other.

with uncle brian

and more uncle brian


gifts: to, from, for.

diana made this bird feeder for me out of a recycled orange juice carton

more lights: there's no such thing as too many lights. especially if a camel is involved. at bull run, we immediately recognized samson from bar c ranch. remember that we met him at temple hall?

steve got to ride with ander this time

the girls' first time on a camel

it was a very cold carnival at the end, but fun nevertheless
baking: chocolate white chocolate chip cookies for solstice, cake for birthday celebrations, gingerbread for decorating

diana's creations. note the pirate in the center.

mine and ander's
snow: the kids were really hoping for a white christmas, especially after the excitement of a snowy thanksgiving, and, lucky for us, the snow did arrive on epiphany.

 i hope your holiday season contained enough happy little moments for you to treasure in your memory and get you through until spring comes to your part of the world.


  1. what a wonderful holiday! :)

    that dr. who blanket!!! <3_<3

  2. Your Christmas 2015 posts sent me here -- wonderful indeed. And you must tell Laura you play Parcheesi. I had to learn it to marry into the family. ;-)