Thursday, January 29, 2015

love is...

if you are as old as i am, you might remember the love is... comics. when i was growing up, we looked for them in the newspaper every day, and my mom or dad would cut out special ones and put them on the fridge or bulletin board or other such place.

they sprung to my mind - out of the blue - as i started to think about what has happened this month that shows love in and around our home.

here are some of my love is... moments, in no particular order:

love is...the affectionate ways in which we joyfully greet each other when someone returns home from school, work, or a quick shopping trip.

love husband bringing me a bouquet of flowers after his long commute home from work. just because.

love is...him playing with the kids so i could have some time alone to work on arranging the flowers. ikebana meditative time.

love is...hugging each others' avatars in minecraft and using heart emoticons with each others' avatars in animal jam.

love is...ander hugging a particular favorite school staff member every day, and then welcoming me into that hug, bringing us all together.

love is...snuggling a furry pet.
love is...diana cheering ander up after a tough day by making his minecraft avatar a new skin. his design, her implementation. 

love is...sitting down to watch the same episode of "peep and the big wide world" just one more time because it makes ander happy.

love is...diana and steve playing rummy together to wind down before bed.

love is...everyone snuggled together in the big bed to sleep.

love is...diana filling her tummy with lemon curd and my homemade vanilla scones. or warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies.

love is...delicious, body-and-soul-healing, hot soup from a friend, simply because i mentioned i wasn't feeling well.

love is...sharing funny things with each other.

love email, or several, from a friend saying all the right things in all the right ways to reach my heart when it feels heavy.

see? i do have enough. yes, i do.


  1. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing such intimate moments, they're so evocative, and give me hope that my children will get joy from each other as they grow up a bit (instead of constant snatching, disturbing and thwarting which is the current theme...)

  2. It's so good to record these things, isn't it? A great reminder that things are good. Thanks for sharing. x

  3. Replies
    1. and this is why i make stuff for you, dear girl. :)