Sunday, January 18, 2015



enough (adjective):
  • equal to what is needed
enough (adverb):
  • in the amount needed
  • to the necessary degree
  • to a reasonable extent
enough (pronoun):
  • an amount that provides what is needed or wanted
i was contemplating my new word for 2015. it needed to be fairly epic (which might very well be diana's word, as she uses it quite often these days) and as meaningful to me as were release and embrace in the two years prior.

i thought about the book that ander heard during read-aloud at his school library time, one is a feast for mouse. it was thanksgiving-themed and adorable and i simply must purchase it for our home collection because ander liked it and borrowed it after the librarian was done with it and he read it to me every night for days on end. though the words were written one way, i kept hearing them with a slightly different verbiage: one is enough for me. i liked the way that sounded. it was satisfying, comfortable. enough.

i remembered the language i heard and used with breastfeeding mothers in my la leche league meetings. the words that brought tears to my eyes and tended to do the same in others, especially during soul-baring discussions of feeling inadequate: i am enough for my child.

i considered my children and saw how much better they fared when there was a sense of abundance rather than scarcity. how much my husband and i enjoyed our home life viewed through that same lens. in our family, everyone gets what they need. we get much of what we want, too. we have enough.

i selected this word in december and was going to post about it at the beginning of january, but things got a little hectic and i got to the point where i wished i'd never chosen such a word because i was clearly not enough to juggle all the balls in the air. steve comforted me and sagely suggested that my frustration with enough made it a most excellent word, indeed.

he was right. i am seeing clearly enough now to acknowledge how i need to get enough for me so that i can be enough for others.  i joined a singing group. i scheduled regular massages. i am working on theraputic relationships for support. i am engaging in the spiritual practice of equanimity.

'nuff said.


  1. Struggling with my word (joy) : me too.
    Regular massages: me too.
    Hectic January: me too.


  2. love it :)

    i am hopefully posting soon on my blog & my topic totally relates to this!

  3. So excited to witness your year with your word, enough! <3

  4. Beautiful, Dawn. Enough. Thank you.

  5. I love this! Enough should be my new mantra. Especially this year, when I am getting rid of so much as part of my Less is More project. I can totally relate to the breastfeeding example: it's wonderful to feed your child with no external input.