Saturday, November 1, 2014

medieval mischief

diana's homeschool enrichment program, compass, held a medieval masquerade and fall faire this  week. i was really looking forward to it because, well, frankly, i just really enjoy this type of event.

period costuming - heck, any costuming - was encouraged. because i have a tendency to comb through thrift stores and sales and rarely throw anything away, i had something perfect for diana and several options for ander.

lady diana
sir ander the knight

duel with long swords demonstration

brass rubbings

diana made this period game
the highlight of the event was hearing jim weiss LIVE - telling stories of king arthur and merlin and some classic favorites like "the tortoise and the hare." hesitant at first, ander mustered up his courage to meet his storytelling hero in person, informing him that his "voice is on a cd." (many, many cds, in fact. we added five more titles to our extensive collection and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of his upcoming george washington work.) anyway, mr. weiss conveyed his pleasure upon meeting another young fan of his work and complimented sir ander on his knightly courtesy and manners.


this knight is very protective of his lady

an unstoppable duo

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