Sunday, November 9, 2014

edible nature art

while at michael's craft store (i know, don't you just love that place?), i indulged in a leaf-shaped cookie cutter that i'd had my eye on for weeks.

then this happened:

yes, that's my boy, painting a rainbow on his cookie.

the kids each made one. steve kept me company and made several.

he even suggested the wreath pattern for photos

followed the next day by this:

yes, i have a tiny pumpkin cookie cutter

and also a tiny leaf cookie cutter

and a tiny apple cookie cutter. sense a theme here?

have i mentioned how much i love the colors of fall?

i baked two batches of ready-mix sugar cookies. i made the icing from confectioner's sugar and a bit of milk, flavored with a splash of vanilla extract and tinted with wilton gel colors. we painted the icing with clean watercolor brushes and occasionally added sprinkles. i had so much fun by the time i got to the last cookies that i actually fingerpainted the icing to see what kind of effects i could create.


  1. Hello, thought I'd stop by and say hi, and have been sucked in by these (actually by your pictures generally, they are so rich and colour-soaked!) but I particularly love the leaves. They make me want to dig out all my shaped cutters and start planning for Christmas.

    1. thanks, helen! :)

      i'm glad you liked the photos. honestly, though, the colors looked even better in person. and everything was tasty!