Thursday, November 13, 2014

digital animator

diana has been interested in movie-making for some time. she's made several cute things on her own, such as videotaping her stuffed animals in a story:

she's tried out microsoft windows movie maker:

she's demonstrated the features of her inventions:

and used video-capture software to explore her minecraft builds for a project about riley's lock:

one of her current classes at compass, her homeschool enrichment program, is digital animation. the students have used a version of adobe flash, but yesterday they tried their hands at animation-ish. diana is in love. it compliments her current favorite art style and just seems to fit her. today, the first day of a free home trial of the software, she spent many, many hours working on her first digital animation production. here's the trailer:

and the full movie:

don't you just love her new production company name? it's dianamation. subscribe to her youtube channel and you can see what she posts for public viewing.

i consider this a project based homeschooling win. i mentored her in a way that worked well for both of us. thanks, lori.:)

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