Tuesday, October 28, 2014

galivanting with gammy and papou

back in august, the kids and i headed to visit with my parents. we had serious plans involving ice cream and animals.

the drive is many hours long and neither child is comfy using electronics whilst in motion. hence the rest stop for some recovery. and snack.

and a nice, cool view for me
the velvet ice cream factory and ye olde mill are not too, too long of a drive from my parents' place. what we learned about the history of this company and the making of this particular brand of ice cream was utterly fascinating to me. i love factory tours.

starting the tour off with ice cream. and a car for ander. because cars.

"silly papou!"

gazing at a historical display of flavors

the viewing window into the one-room factory held my attention, but ander was much more pleased to be by the quiet cow.

i wonder if this would have come in handy for diana's project on chocolate last year. nah, she probably could have written this herself.

i stand by my trusty scoop from the pampered chef


yes, we got more ice cream at the end, plus brought home quarts of favorite flavors.

the next day was dedicated to the animals at the columbus zoo.

from the inside of this real plane, you could get an excellent view of the huge lions


i got a little nostalgic for the monterey bay aquarium


and my personal favorite: the manatees.

i was so very happy to finalyy get to see dear friend shari's new home. it - and the property - are stunning! thanks to her mad photography skillz, we got great family photos (i'm in some, too!)

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  1. Awe, great visit all around. I'm honored you asked if I could shoot some photos of the family, and glad Ander relaxed a bit and enjoyed the Florida room. As the snow comes, and the days get colder, I'll be doing some of my writing out there.