Thursday, July 17, 2014

look what i can do!

in addition to the PBH master class that i'm continuing, last week i participated in lori pickert's observational drawing class.

you guys, she is seriously a fantastic teacher. i looked forward to reading her emails every day, over and over. i especially appreciate her wit, her humor, and her no-nonsense, straightforward approach. it's like she's climbed into my brain and heard all the negative messages i tell myself about drawing (and many other things in life) and addressed each one with an empathetic, compassionate, and entirely reasonable bonk over the head to set those messages firmly aside. she's a friend, mentor, curator, therapist, life coach, cheerleader, and connector of people into a community all rolled into one.

it was an online class. there were daily assignments. i could have just read the emails and nothing else.  but there was encouragement without chastisement, support without scolding. i felt compelled to do the work and be brave and share it, not because i was afraid of being reprimanded for not doing so, but because she set the tone and the environment where personal success was achievable and desireable. she facilitated our self-development and growth.

she's one of my role models in how i work with my own children. in how i work on myself.

just see what i didn't think i could ever do, but actually did.  forty-plus years of self-doubt about drawing, eradicated almost completely within seven days.

day 1: blind contour drawing. subject = own hand

day 1: blind contour, then remove the blinder

day 1: what i could do after those practice draws

day 2: subject = natural object

day 3: perspective. subject = something from kitchen drawer

day 4: subject = toy

i did this one just for fun. and practice. because i could. and i wanted to. it made me happy.
day 5: subject = food

day 6: ways to fill in space between black and white. subject = tool

day 7: more details. subject = shoe
no longer will ander believe me when i say that i can't draw something. he's right not to. and i'm better off not saying it. not even thinking it. it's not true. i can draw! so there, self-doubt! ::doing a little victory dance, per lori's suggestion::

if you want to see what others in my class have drawn and shared, take a look on twitter under the hashtag #pbhdrawingclass. just wow!


  1. this is the best possible response to the class i could ever get! :)

    thank you SO SO much!

  2. Brilliant post! I took the class too with my ten year old and this is EXACTLY how I felt about it :)