Saturday, May 3, 2014


i just needed to share that some of our newest very favorite music was created by talented young artists.  i urge you to take a listen and find a way to support their work and spread the joy.

from ian ridenhour:

diana watched him yesterday.  this is just what she dreams of doing.

from sam james, a fabulous whirling-dervish-trance-inducing "into oblivion"

ander and i were rocking out today to "games" from sam and his dad, mike james, at milk music co. it's so catchy that we find ourselves singing along while we play our own games.  it is definitely part of the soundtrack to our lives ;)

and, of course, pentatonix rocks.  ander has been working on arranging his own cover of their cover of this song.  that makes it a meta-cover, right?

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  1. PTX! Get it what it is what it does what is what it isn't!