Monday, April 14, 2014

what's happening around here

diana has watched the entire LOTR movies - extended versions - mind you, with her dad.  she's looking forward to watching the hobbit movie.  and yes, she's read the book.

ander's grasp of money-related concepts, including delayed gratification and making hard choices, has skyrocketed since he's been using his allowance to purchase his well-researched, specific diecast vehicles from the disney pixar cars movie, which he has recently acquired and devoured.

diana decided she wanted to try her hand at animation using the tools we had available at home.

ander heard about this lovely book and asked me to get it so he could read it to me.  it has bunnies and gardening and humor and lovely word patterns.

diana's been exploring even more video games on  there's so much to try and they are all free.

since we got netflix, ander is happy to be able to watch episodes of a show he learned about at school, peep and the big wide world.  joan cusak narrates.  now we walk around the house singing the theme song.

we are jamming out to some excellent music with volume at eleven.

diana and i watched david tennant in hamlet.  (i just found that you can watch it free online here courtesy of pbs arts.  we might watch macbeth next)  to brush up on the story line, it was helpful and amusing to read the synopsis in this book by marcia williams.  the writing and illustrations are delightfully comical, even for tragedies.  plus she's got a whole series of books in this storytelling style.


if you need a taste of it, watch this:

it seems like spring has sprung.  ander likes to take walks with me to find the "blossom trees" so i can take pictures.  we don't have to go very far.  maybe we'll attend the cherry blossom festival next year if the silver line is complete, but, until then, it's the pink magnolias that make me happy.


we are on spring break from school and look forward to decorating some eggs.  maybe i'll get to read this to the kids for fun.  the illustrations are sweet and so is the story.

plenty to embrace around here.