Friday, April 25, 2014

what taryn told me

we had our homeschool sewing circle/handwork club this past monday afternoon.  (yes, i know that both diana and ander are currently in public school but i try to not let that interfere with everything that has to do with our homeschool connections.  that's why we host this club once a month on monday afternoons because the kids are out early from school.)

as you may have noted, it's not just sewing we do here - we welcome all sorts of activities and projects one can do with one's hands.  rainbow loom work, drawing, sewing, and knitting are still  favorites with our ever-changing group of attendees, but i was craving origami, so i let the gang know ahead of time so other enthusiasts would know to bring their paper and their books and other resources to share.

i don't have any origami pictures from our gathering because i had my hands and my brain occupied with folding a rabbit and simultaneously guiding three other people in several different projects.  thank goodness for diana, who rescued us from the confusion we were all experiencing trying to make a standing fox.  she led a couple of friends in building the go-to creation she can practically do with her eyes covered - a cicada - while i walked taryn through the house and piano and made kathy a waterbomb.

what i can tell you, though, is that what we did earlier this week stayed* with two of us.  taryn, by way of her blog, told me that she now considers herself an origamist and has enjoyed exploring more paperfolding.  and i, perusing the library shelves for collections of poetry to read and share, found a lovely book named fold me a poem by kristine george.  the illustrations by lauren stringer  delighted me from the very first page, on which there is a charming haiku about a rooster.

thank you, taryn, for what you told me. :)

i did manage to capture this shot of ander admiring the chibi portrait diana drew of him. he did not fold with us but did enjoy directing new scenarios for his expanding collection of diecast cars characters.
* one of my very favorite sites for origami is  the instructions and videos are well done and easy for me to follow. another site with a large array of designs is


  1. I LOVE origami. My mom used to fold cranes from memory. It amazed me every time.

  2. Dawn, I admire your enthusiasm!