Tuesday, April 1, 2014

that's why it's also handwork club

i wasn't particularly looking forward to sewing circle yesterday.  not that i didn't want to go or be there, i just didn't know how the kids would do.  diana usually likes being there - it's once a month, she sees some homeschool friends, she has dedicated time to work on a project - but doesn't always feel enthusiastic until after she's there for a while and finds her people and gets into a groove.  it was ander's first time to accompany us - up until now steve has been able to arrange his work schedule to be home with ander for those 3-4 hours, but not this time.  so i was going into it with a little apprehension.

but i also went in with better preparation.  i explained to ander what we were going to do, once the night before, then again in the morning, and just before we arrived.  i offered him choices of what we could bring to do - he didn't understand at first that we could bring something other than sewing, which he's not into - and let him know that everyone would be bringing their own activities, too.  i told him about how we would be in a large room with tables and chairs and that he could set up anywhere he liked and move around as he desired.

it helped immeasurably, i believe, that we arrived before anyone else - as organizer of these gatherings, i allow myself some time to get the lights on and arrange some spaces and put up our sign.  after he watched the librarian push a button to mechanically open the divider between the two meetings rooms to make a larger open area and took a few minutes to explore, he was quite content.  he sighed with relief and declared it to be a good room.  by the time the next people arrived, he lifted his head, announced to me that "friends are coming" and went back to his business of lining up his race cars in a new configuration.

after about an hour and a half, he said he was ready to leave.  i asked if we could stay another thirty minutes and he readily agreed.  i think he was very comfortable to have taryn and louisa and kathy there to occasionally talk to.  instead of being on his own, he decided to join us for some drawing and humming doodle music and discussions about minecraft.  he didn't even ask for his modeling clay or his kindle, just worked with his cars all over the room.

once again, i (pleasantly) surprised myself with a wonderful afternoon by embracing what was possible instead of what i predicted.  i even found some me time, too.  pretty handy of me, huh?

fleece blanket in progress
rainbow loom-crafted charms

diana started making thumbprint characters for a cartoon she's drawing.

ander's beloved disney/pixar cars. he saves his allowance to purchase new diecast models

taryn's rainbow loom creation in progress

doodling with sharpies

taryn's been watching vi hart again

brother and sister, trying new things with stretchy bands. diana was following you tube video instructions to make a minecraft creeper. in purple. as you do.

my focus for the afternoon

a collaborative project with my boy. he directed the design and color choices. he also insisted i place a check mark and write "good work" so i did.

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  1. what a nice group, where you can hang out together but do your own thing. :)