Wednesday, April 23, 2014

how my garden will grow: an earth day tribute

taking a lesson from last year, i planted my garden on the day before easter.  maybe i was too eager, though, unsure if we will get another cold snap, but live and learn, i suppose.

my search at meadows farms was pleasant and productive.  there were so many pretty things to choose from.  i came home with coleus, marigolds, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, kale, peppermint, and three packets of herb seeds.

"mr stripey" tomato
"bush crop" cucumber

"red cherry" tomato

"red russian" kale

"black beauty" zucchini

the upper deck

this area will get a lot of shade when the tree leaves fill in, hence the coleus

so will this. i don't recall what the green leaves are for. maybe a bulb flower?

our yard planting area

ander asked for marigolds

so i got some

the variety makes me smile. as do the pots, which we received from a freecycler and decorated with tape.

i also put in some basil seeds and am anxiously awaiting the appearance of seedlings, which will prompt me to start the cilantro and flat italian parsley.

i finally ordered the seeds for the salad green ander has asked to grow since last summer: rampion.  haven't heard of it?  it's the one thing that rapunzel's mother craved while she was pregnant and the basis for the fairy tale iconic name.  i only hope our experience will be as successful as paul zelinsky's.  maybe i'll follow my homeschool friend's advice and wait until mother's day to plant these seeds.  it would be a lovely start to my growing project with ander, who says that he will harvest the leaves in a bag and wash them off and make me a salad which i will eat with joy.  i'm sure i will.

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