Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the not-so-silent snow

when our friend shari visited us, she had planned to head to washington, d.c. to participate in one day's events of a bicycling conference.  we convinced her that the winter storm that hit the night before would make it untenable to travel.  the kids' school was closed and steve was able to work from home.  please, would she stay here with us?  and wouldn't she really like to go out and play in the snow with diana so i could stay warm inside with ander?

despite not having packed apparel for such an excursion, shari donned our extra boots and coat and the new hat i knitted up in a jiffy for her and headed outside to take pictures.  when ander saw all this preparation, he changed his mind about remaining in, so that meant i had to get out of my pajamas and brave the cold, too.

i'm sure there are countless quotes about the silence of snowfall.  we did not experience this - rather, quite the opposite.  especially when i got on the sledding hill againwe are i am a loud snow-shoveler, snowball-thrower, snow-mountain-climber, snow-sledder, and snow-eater.  if you know my laugh, you'll know it's loud and high and hearty.  i did not disappoint.

only a few of the pictures on this post were taken by me.  the really nice ones were courtesy of shari and her camera and her mad skillz as a photographer.  shari is one of those friends who makes sure that i get into some of the pictures and she has a special knack for capturing me just as i am.  when i look back on those pictures, i feel beautiful.

ander & i successfully scaled the high mountain formed by the snowplow's work earlier in the day

diana putting the finishing touches on bartleby

yes, in fact, these are new glasses. i opted for a fun new color this year.

having much more fun since i secured snowpants and proper gloves for her

ander could make it down the slope and back up again twice in the same time it took me to slide down once. he's getting really good at this.

realizing i am probably going to crash into something.  which i did.  nothing new, though, for shari.  she's seen how i ski.

this has to be one of my favorite photos in a long time. unabashed excitement for our joint adventure.