Wednesday, March 19, 2014

shari's misadventures (vacation edition)

for those who expect to read shari's highly entertaining and informative writing, i must apologize.  it's not here.  you'll have to talk to her to get her latest edition.

no, this post is pretty much an excuse to show off more pictures taken of and by our lovely friend who visited us just before and during mardi gras.  the king cake fiasco and snow day adventure i posted were just a few elements of our escapades.

diana selects the precise crawfish she wants me to peel for her, while i am busy taking and tweeting a very bad photo of the whole bowl.

john instructs diana on the proper way of getting at the tasty tail meat

initially, shari declined to eat them with us, having tried them years before when she visited in louisiana. i think she changed her mind when she saw how much fun the rest of us were having with them.

i wanna see you be brave, shari!

one of the many moments of hilarity during the evening. it's probably an accurate rendition of how blurry we were after several choice beverages. ahem. as you do.

evan is easily amused by my purple mishap

i think this piece, a small diversion from the excellent mardi gras playlist courtesy of john and his extensive knowledge of all things musical, was supposed to be something about vikings

at udvar-hazy, investigating a real spacesuit

steve getting an early start on this year's cheezapalooza
in a tradition started so many years ago that i cannot remember when or how it originated, shari treats us to an assortment of cheeses, some classic favorites and some new offerings. the irish swiss was a definite win, and i have plans for tanya to make some delectable dessert with the white stilton with cranberries. yum.
i added four flavors of hummus to the round out the table. neighbor extraordinaire tanya brought a fabulous wine.

shari, my dear friend, who has known me for a time period almost comparable to steve, who comes to visit and vacation with us wherever we move to, who delights in our children and their creative interests, who gossips with me while we scrapbook, who eagerly watches the extended-version-LOTR-with-director's-comments marathons we have hosted, who anticipates writing an original murder mystery for us to host when we make enough local friends to come and participate in it, who is up for just about any adventure we suggest, you are always welcome in our home and in our hearts.  i love you!


  1. Hugs and love to you, too! Great blog about our vist and adventures! Here's to many more over the years to come! Hoping that as Diana and Ander grow up, they'll always look at me as the "fun aunt" whom they hope to have visit them! Looking forward to when you and the family can stay at my nearly bed-and-breakfast gorgeous house! Carpet selection process underway for the trashed carpet in the office.