Friday, March 14, 2014

how to bake a cake

heyyyyyy, minecraft player

mine some iron ore with a pickaxe.
smelt it into ingots using a furnace.
make a bucket.

find a cow and milk it using the bucket.

time to farm!
till a field from dirt or grass block with your hoe.
make sure it is hydrated and add bone meal for better growth.
plant seeds for wheat.
grow some sugar cane.
harvest the wheat.
craft the sugar cane into sugar.

find some chickens and collect their eggs.

put it all together on a crafting table and what have you got?  a minecraft cake

now that is baking from scratch.

stampy (Ander's favorite minecraft reviewer) would be proud.

i think my king cake escapade was much easier.

note: these directions are from my memory of diana describing what she did.  it is quite likely that i missed a step or explained something incorrectly.  i am well aware that it is also not the only way to do this.  please don't hold it against me if you are not successful at crafting a cake following these directions.

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