Thursday, February 20, 2014

would you care for some tea?

diana's second birthday party with friends did not, fortunately, involve this, though it was talked about quite a bit beforehand.

ander and his "girls": clockwise from lower left rita, maura, bao-han, and diana
over the years we have celebrated many a birthday and gathering of friends around tea.  one does not even need to like tea in order to enjoy our tea parties.  the only requirement is a desire to have fun.

i did, however, go all out for diana's party.  reflecting on memories of what has delighted her in the past, i offered the young ladies:

  • fruit tea selections (though they all went for peppermint, instead)
  • raspberry lemonade
  • butter croissants
  • orange-cranberry-almond scones
  • cheddar cheese wedges
  • ham, roast beef, and chicken rolls
  • fresh blackberries
  • chocolate-dipped strawberries
  • lemon bundt cake bedecked with milk chocolate and powdered sugar
fancy cloths, our china, silverware, and crystal, strategically placed flowers, and gentle orchestral sounds welcomed our prettily-dressed guests.

after taking tea, we played variations on mad libs.  we have the card game, so i passed out ten cards to each girl and had them make up the silliest sentences they could using as many cards as possible (and still be grammatically correct).  i allowed articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and other such tidbits to round things out, if necessary.

  • enormous poodles steamroll fiercely dancing kneecaps
  • shocking invisible gorillas bashfully desire pickled girls
  • endlessly lovesick eyeballs accidentally smack
  • stupidly bizarre boys cheerfully handcuff heartless girls (a bit precocious, that one)

after heartily laughing, i changed the rules a bit and allowed the girls to trade cards if they desired, identifying only the part of speech they were offering/requesting, so what they got would still be a mystery. 

  • hastily gorgeous baseballs worship massively sticky teachers impolitely
  • casually useless sweatsocks astonish flimsily heartsick computers and despise forcefully wicked file folders
  • forbidden cellphones horribly romance desperate hotdogs cheerfully
  • squished choirboys agressively bulldoze grandmothers and cuddle weirdos

for the final round, they each got five cards, had to create their own sentence, then figure out how to combine each of them into one long sentence.  the remainder of the deck could be used for exchanges.

  • stupidly useless fingernails hastily burn gorgeous baseballs, terminate impatiently massive monsters in prom gowns, hear desperate feverishly lovable hotdogs, and worship skeletons.
then came the much-anticipated Opening of the Gifts.  each friend knows diana fairly well and they all selected excellent presents for her.  one of them was a game called bubble talk, which is played much like apples to apples, a favorite with us, we played some of that, too, before having cake.

the time flew by quickly, and all too soon it was time to say thank you and goodbye.  and i could sigh with satisfaction at having pulled off a second party that more than met diana's hopes and expectations.  yes, i can definitely embrace that feeling.

me and my best girl


  1. So wonderful! How exciting to use the fancy china & such for the party!
    Happy she had a delightful time!

  2. Wow! What a fun party. That bundt cake sounds pretty amazing. We love our china tea set and take every opportunity to get it (and our cake stands) out!

    I didn't realise that MadLibs made a card game. I'll have to look into that. I always get great ideas from you.

  3. Sounds just like an Irish tea! Slainte!