Wednesday, February 12, 2014

i have a great idea!

i was quite concerned when diana started public school this year that she would lose her desire to be creative in a world where everything is standardized and presented with so many rules.  i thought she'd be frustrated by the lack of time in her schedule to work on the things she really wanted to do.  for a while, that seemed to be true.

on her birthday, she blew all that out of the water

one of the gifts i gave her was a gigantic mylar balloon.  she played with it for a little while, went to play animal jam online with taryn, then disappeared into her room for a bit.  she came out again to find me and declare, "i have a great idea!"

this is not an unusual phrase uttered in our household, particularly by her.  this time, as most other times, i waited patiently for the explanation.  it came out, as it often does, in a jumble of words as she interrupted herself multiple times to tell me something else.  then she ran off.

she asked politely whether we had some materials.  if the answer was yes, she'd go to secure them.  if the answer was no, she'd stop and think for a moment, then come up with an acceptable alternative.  i have learned by homeschooling with her that if i am quiet and listen to her and allow her to express her disappointment that we don't have The Very Thing She Absolutely Needs (like a conveyor belt) and wait, she devises another option (like a a roll of paper pulled at one end) all on her own.

she asked for the camera.  after a short while she needed some help in uploading the videos to the computer and to youtube.

this is all her.  concept, costuming, scripting, editing, everything.  oh, and she asked permission to show it in class and was granted it.  now she has a little fan club and others who want to work with her on future episodes.

i think i can worry a lot less right about now.


  1. "Ander as quiet person." I love it! Was it hard for Ander to be the quiet person?
    Well done, Diana! I especially like how the music changes to match the on-screen action.

    1. amy, it's a role he's familiar with, as there is a special job in his class to be "quiet person." the responsibility for this rotates along with the door holder, line leader, caboose, messenger, and so on. when she was ready to film a scene, she would ask him if he'd be willing to pause his video and be silent until she was done, and he agreed.

      i was impressed by her timing, too. i had no involvement in the choices or the editing. i pointed her towards the video editor and she figured it out herself. those selections are some of our family favorites ;)

  2. Wow! So talented and imaginative! A big "Well Done!" to Diana, and her talented supporting cast as well.

    Great-uncle Nick

  3. What a wonderfully delightful imagination ! Thank you for sharing with us. Looking forward to the next adventure. Nana & Grandpa D