Friday, February 14, 2014

epic doctor who birthday party

perhaps i may have mentioned once or twice about how diana is really, really into doctor who ?  stands to reason, then, that a celebration of her 11th birthday would have to be all. about. doctor. who.

she made up some invitations:

she drew up some party games, like Pin the Whisk & Plunger on the Dalek:

i adorned the walls with famous doctor who quotes and some of diana's own chibi art:

my heart goes wibbly-wobbly for david, but diana prefers matt. probably something to do with the bow tie.

i turned the bathroom into a tardis of sorts.  yes, it's bigger on the inside.

for munchies, we planned bananas (always bring a banana to a party.  they're full of potassium!), sonic screwdrivers, and honest-to-goodness jelly babies (from the fourth incarnation, tom baker period). also bow tie pasta because bow ties are cool.  i really, really wanted to have fish fingers and custard, but she flatly refused.  fish fingers and tardis (tartar) sauce?  nope.  french toast sticks and vanilla pudding?  still no.  oh, well. i did try.

as guests arrived, they were ushered to a voting booth to nominate their favorite of five episodes (so as to determine what would be viewed that day) and their favorite flavor of jelly baby.  we attempted to play doctor who bingo while watching the curse of the black spot but decided afterwards that the game would best be played during a marathon viewing session, which we are planning to schedule soon.

bless her heart.  she made a schedule.
i think it may have been the very first time she saw a dalek that she declared she absolutely, positively, must have a dalek cake for her birthday.  recall that my dear husband steve makes all of the kids' birthday cakes.  he's made some pretty complicated designs, but this one would really "take the cake."  (i know, i'm sorry, it's a groaner, but it practically begged to be written and i didn't have the willpower to resist.  resistance is futile, sayeth the borg.)

the cake consumption happened about midway through the party.  steve was a little concerned about the structural integrity of the cake.  (i stayed out of the kitchen, mostly, but i knew there were several boxes of cake mix, a lot of frosting, cardboard cake rounds, dowels, and other bits and pieces involved.)  it held up through the birthday song and candle-blowing, so that's all that was needed.  it was, by far, the most epic cake he has made.

four layers for the bottom. i think there were the same number for the top.

dalekanium never tasted so good


despite the cold, everyone needed to get outside to run around, so we played several rousing games of "weeping angel red light green light" in the parking area.  the best parts for me were the movements of diana's body, imitating a weeping angel every time she halted.  she freaks me out sometimes by her uncanny accuracy of facial expressions.

i have to mention diana's very own designed-and-built card game.  seriously, she put a lot of time and effort into making these.  each character card had a photo, descriptive details, and assigned attack and defense points.  i've never played a trading card game like magic: the gathering, but i suspect there were some similar aspects in the dueling and scoring of each round.

we didn't have the chance to play doctor who yahtzee, which i gave her earlier in the day as a gift. the tardis container is pretty cool.

we closed the celebration by making our own adipose babies from felt and cotton balls.  each guest brought hers home, along with a goodie bag of cake, solid chocolate tardis and dalek made from an excellent silicone ice cube mold, and her very own scarf lovingly knitted by diana.

yes, diana is dressed as a tardis and is holding a stuffed adipose. her friends taryn, nora, leah, and gabrielle rounded out the group, whom ander addressed as "my girls"
she made this jumper a week before her party and insisted on wearing it to school.
diana told us over and over that this was the epic party she had hoped and planned for.  everything went smoothly and according to her wishes.  what a success!

relaxing after the festivities with some of her new doctor who graphic novels. note the single yellow dalek sock. the other was in the wash.
diana, your upgrade to eleven is nearly complete.


  1. what a fantastic party! :D the dalek cake turned out AWESOME!

  2. Oh yeah. I definitely got a serious case of sugar-extermination.

  3. Epic party. Great fun and great cake! Have birthdays more often, Diana!

  4. Love it, start to finish! What great creativity on all parts. So fun to share Dr. Who evenings with Diana, Steve, and you!

  5. I'm super late, but happy birthday and this party looks amazing!!! :D

  6. This was a really cool party. I hope you don't mind me using some of your ideas.