Monday, January 27, 2014

my girlfriend

i want you to think of your girlfriend. 

yes, i know you have one.  we all have one, or, if we are really lucky, more then one.  she's loyal to your friendship down to the very core, without question, hesitation, or doubt.  she knows what you have been through and how far you've come.  heck, she's been through it with you and has held the light at the end of the tunnel to guide you.  she knows where the bodies are hidden.  she knows your cravings for chocolate and butter and chinese broccoli and indulges in them with you.  she wants to beat up the people who bring you down.  she's strong, she's weak, she's an angel, she's human.  when you embrace you can really feel the physical and emotional connection.  she's raw and honest and tender and soothing.  when she listens, she really hears you, even when the words cannot come but the tears can.  she gets you and loves you in spite of and for what you are.  she's the one you sometimes don't feel worthy of and wonder why-oh-why-does-she-put-up-with-me but then you relax when you realize that her trust and faith in you are abiding and constant and unconditional.

my tribute to girlfriends goes out today to leigh.  thank you, my dear, so very much for your visit.  my cup was refilled.  i love you.
cupcake decorating
must have the crunchies
tween selections for nail adornment

i had to knit
a marin starburst original, now mine!
brownies.  ahem.
chocolate chip cookie dough


diana, sheldon, and marin

doin' the tween thing

minecraft and animal jam mash-up

marin photobomb. cake before spaghetti at silver diner.

diana & marin

ander and his girls

me & leigh


  1. Wonderful! Love you both. So glad you had a great visit.

  2. I was sorry to miss the visit, but I'm very, very glad you girls had time together. :)