Tuesday, December 17, 2013

the longest night

it's coming up again, the longest night of the year, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

we've completed our major preparations for the winter solstice already: having selected our tree and decorated him with gold and silver sparkling ornaments, along with shiny red apples, cranberries, and snowflakes; brought out the winter solstice fairy doll to oversee the arrangements; reminded ander of the words to our song (he's working on harmonizing with it).

we named our tree 'frasier' because, well, he's a frasier fir.
as part of my personal preparation, i am thinking back to past celebrations and what they have meant to me, determining what i'd like to keep and add as part of our evolving tradition of recognizing holidays of light.  one thing in particular stood out to me as i reviewed my post from last year:

i want my children to know, to believe, to encompass, to embody the idea that we all can be lights in the darkness.  we do not need to fear the night.  our own individual brilliance can be enough to sustain us, maybe even be enough to lead the way for others to follow and find their own way to shine.

over the last twelve months, i think that has come to pass for both of them.  they are aware of their personal strengths, of their effects on those around them, of the joyful experiences that arise from shining their own lights.  when i am quiet enough to see their shine, i can reflect it and amplify it and be uplifted in its brilliance.

this is a time for rebirth, renewal, recognition, rediscovery.  if you are finding it difficult to maneuver in the darkness of this time of year, hold on to the hope that springs forth with one little light.  cherish it, nurture it, feed it, join it with others.  the sun really will come out again.

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