Thursday, November 7, 2013

four days

four glorious days of no school for the kids.  two for the weekend, two for teacher work days.

when my kids are aware they don't have school, they relax into their natural states, secure in the knowledge that they have the freedom to do pretty much what they'd like, and i have the privilege of experiencing them in those states of being because, more often than not, they invite me in.

i didn't keep track of everything - there's just too much.  here, though, are some of the things i want to make sure i remember.
  • ander waking early, extra snuggly, recounting to me his dream of "growing up to be a man like daddy, working and eating lunch with him."
  • diana's delight at a last-minute sleepover at her friend taryn's house, where she laughs until she loses her breath while watching despicable me.
  • ander listening to and watching vi hart and doodling with sharpies on graph paper, easily harmonizing with me as we sing along.

  • ander studying jaystepher, intent on how to build a pumpkin so he can replicate it in his own choice of colors.  same thing with the fireplace.  him running from computer to LEGO space and back to change out pieces and tweak modifications.
ander's is on the left; diana decided to make a ghost pumpkin after she saw his.
  • diana excitedly selling rock pets at a community children's flea market.  exclaiming her joy with taryn when they realize how much money they have collectively earned.  my pleasure at having made excellent purchases from other vendors, including hand-made bracelets from taryn and artwork from kathy.
this translates to "happy" or "lucky" "stone" - a perfectly fitting name for her creative, whimsical creatures

two of the five creatures she brought to life
  • the pure joy evident in ander's whole body when i give him his first "real" violin.  he's asked to take lessons again, and i have learned from last time that it is far better to invest in a slightly-lower-yet-still-decent-quality instrument than suffer my anxiety over him possibly damaging a rental.  his frequent exclamations and demonstrations of appreciation over it to me.  his obvious care in rubbing rosin on the bow to make a better sound.
ander is left-handed and tends to resist the customary hold of the bow. he's experimenting with how he can create his music using either hand. also trying it in a cello hold.

  • taking videos of ander's own creative lego review for a set he recently purchased and built.  (sorry, readers, he wants to keep these reviews private for now.  they are personal practice and not ready for public release.)

  • lovely fall walks to lunch and back for our family plus taryn, who hangs out with us for the afternoon, not ready to end her time with diana.  admiring leaf shapes and colors and stopping to plunk stones in the water that collected during our heavy rain.

  • a late-afternoon visit to the udvar-hazy center then impromptu dinner plans with a delightful neighbor who shares our love for so many quirky things.  (and she bakes. a lot.  wonderfully.)  she's excellent company, especially because she seemed nonplussed by the kids choosing to race each other in a large, empty space over visiting the space shuttle.
  • "field trip" with ander to the toy store while diana at a playdate.  perusing each and every LEGO section and discussing the wow factor of  particular items.  his money, his choice, his purchase of another set.  i'm just along for the ride.

this took him under 20 minutes to build. he sat up against me on the floor, saying nothing except for requests for me to turn to the next page of directions or help position a tricky sticker.
  • diana practicing her juggling and the cups rhythm, which she is learning at school in her music class.  her trying to teach me and ander with varying levels of success. him arguing with her almost every time, but always watching and listening, enough to learn it on his own and show to us.

  • an all-day marathon-repeat of the LEGO: the adventures of clutch powers movie.  ander building a fleet of spaceships almost as fast as clutch himself and fashioning a tiny interstellar porta-teller like artie's in the digital short of "bad hair day."  me laughing at and explaining to diana the monty python jokes embedded within the movie.

  • endless repetitions of so many videos by the maccabeats and stand four and peter hollins.  ander directing us on when to sing and how to dance and asking for clarification on lyrics (i finally printed them out for his reference).  my goodness, his ear for pitch is remarkable and excruciating and gratifying all at once.

please, please let it be the weekend again soon.

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  1. Lovely! I'm glad we were part of your relaxed weekend.