Thursday, October 24, 2013

what else one does at a sewing circle

we had a different location for this month's homeschool sewing circle/handcraft club; the local library rooms were all scheduled, so we used space in the library in the next town over.

we don't yet have a core group of families who attend our gatherings, but that's fine.  i wanted this to be a time and space where it's open for people to feel free to do as they like.  they come when they can.

we didn't have a specific demonstration scheduled, but the generous gift of one member ended up being the fodder for lots of experimentation.  as a member of a sewing guild, this mom had received stashes of fabric from other members who were downsizing, and she wanted the materials to come to homeschoolers.  we were a perfect outlet for her!

first, there was much ooh-ing and aah-ing over the wide selection and amount of fabric.  then it turned into a mini version of project runway.

kathy's zombie makeup adds just the right touch of darkness to this ensemble.

taryn looks like a goddess. or the statue of liberty. sort of.

this ruffled fabric was divine!
after a while, everyone got a little nuts and needed to work out some physical energy and gave themselves blindfolds and ran around playing a dry land version of marco polo.

i finally had to go to them and assure them that my head would, in fact, explode if i heard marco's name uttered a single time more.  i suggested they take the fabric and the open space and the chairs and make a fort.  eyes widened.  mouths shut.  bodies moved in sync.

voila: their "village," complete with common area and separate "houses."

meanwhile, the moms chatted and stitched and sewed and knitted and taught and shared.

demonstrating how to cast on in person was so much easier to follow than watching a video
 good times.

the general consensus when told it was time to wrap up and go home