Monday, October 7, 2013

because i love music

and because i really, really enjoy sharing music i love with others, i must share this with you.

i heard the song this morning, clued in by a twitter peep.  within the opening bars, i knew i would like it.  i suspected that diana would want it on her playlist while she writes.  i guessed ander would be inspired to make a lego video (he loves the music that madaboutlego uses, and this fits right in).

when i played it for the kids tonight, as we were preparing for bed, it turned into a dance party.  steve even wandered in, curious as to the nature of our terpsichorean muse, and started dancing along with us (which is saying a lot, since he and i are both under the weather and not up for much moving).

go vote for his track at the armada music academy contest.  i understand this song will be available at itunes soon.

i can't wait to hear more from this young artist.  i want more of the world to hear him, too. 

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