Wednesday, September 4, 2013

slimed (again)

sometimes i forget that some of the things we do here are so much fun that others want to join us.

such as it was when our friend taryn came over to spend part of labor day with us.  ostensibly, to hang out with diana and meet the new rattie boys; we all ended up spending time together to make more slime because she said, "that's so cool! I want to make some" or something of that nature.  we had the supplies, and ander was raring to make more, so we did.

while i baked, ander periodically called taryn away to show her some of his very favorite model rocket launch videos.  she still managed to beat diana soundly at a game of chess, harry potter/LOTR-style.  i overheard more than one triumphant battle cry and the sound of death throes as minifigs with weapons charged across the board to wipe each other out.

it was the pink heads vs. the yellow heads, bedecked in harry potter, LOTR, or other assorted minifig accessories. ander's vehicles were just passing through before the game.

once i got the kitchen back to some readiness, ander taught taryn how to make the slime.  (he mostly wanted to do it for her, but we encouraged him to give instructions instead so that she could experience it for herself.)  fortunately, steve had purchased a multipack of clear glue, so we had a few bottles left over.

squeeze the glue into the bowl

add the water & food coloring of choice

it was pretty cool to see how the drops hung, suspended, unlike their behavior in pure water


mix borax with warm water in another bowl until dissolved; pour into colored mixture

it solidifies instantly. drain off the remaining liquid, and now you have slime.

the kids each played for a while with their own batches, flattening it, shaping it, squishing it, pounding on it, crumbling it, observing with great interest the way it moved (it's a semi-solid with high viscosity).

diana intended hers to be an apricot color, but when she held up a ball to the light, seeing the air bubbles trapped inside reminded me of amber, so the girls had fun finding little plastic creatures to capture inside.  almost as exciting was using plastic straws to extract the treasures.

when taryn's slime was crumbly, it looked like amethyst crystals, so we got little bowls out to fill, making geodes.

after consulting out rocks & minerals guidebook, we decided that these looked most like sulfur
at one point, taryn & diana talked about using slime in a science fair project.  hmmm . . . so many things to discover about this simple polymer . . .

ander and i have already made plans to make slime with white glue, instead, to make opaque slime, and compare it to the transparent stuff he's already made.  we'll keep you apprised of our work.  we may not be homeschooling, but we sure are working on plenty of self-directed projects around here.


  1. hey, self-directed learning doesn’t require homeschooling. you’re still a member of the club — we’re not letting you go! :)

  2. Thanks for mentioning me! I had so much fun with the slime!