Sunday, September 29, 2013

on the first day of autumn, my true love(s) said to me. . .

good morning!  happy fall!

diana greeted us bright and early last sunday morning, despite the fact she had gone to bed late the night before.  she was so excited about the autumnal equinox and had so many plans that she "did not want to sleep her day away."

she cuddled up next to her sleepy brother, who declared, "i want to go to a pumpkin farm."

after they chatted for a while (i have little memory of this, as i was drowsy and enjoying the cool smell of morning from the still-open window), diana disappeared.  after some undetermined time later, she announced her presence with a piece of paper, on which was written the address of a pumpkin farm.  she had, she explained, googled for local pumpkin farms, visited their websites, evaluated their offerings, prices, and travel distances, and came up with wayside farm.  a particular bonus about this place was its partnership with wegmeyer farms, where we had gone to pick strawberries.  their farm was not yet open for public perusal.

i cannot fathom how it could have been a better afternoon.

you know things are going to be just fine when you are welcomed by a giant spider

they grow 70 varieties of pumpkin

the other side of the big red barn opened up on a wonderland. ander went straight for the trucks.

diana tried out the pumpkin playhouse and the combine-converted-to-a-slide

we heard the john deere tractor bringing back the hayride trailer, so we joined up with the next load of passengers

ander felt right at home surveying the fields with his soft jacket, tromping boots, and "carl sagan pants"

we got to touch the cornstalks as we drove by and stopped to talk about growing soybeans

"yes. i love my job." said farmer philip when i asked if he enjoyed what he did.


and goats

and llamas, oh, my!
wolf spider mama with her babies
there were plenty of snacking options and spaces to sit and enjoy the spectacular weather.  the pulled pork sandwiches were especially yummy with the addition of a sassy southern "diggety" sauce.  pizza for the girl and kettle corn for the boy and we were covered.  more energy for more activities, like rubber duck racing, tiny tractor racing, and pumpkin bowling.

he's actually a decent bowler under typical conditions.

ander got a spare!

this playhouse had three levels to climb in, plus the slide

back through the big red barn and out to the fields for our catch of the day

i'm beginning to love these little "ghost" ones so much

the texture on these bumpy ones is quite soothing

he thought he found just the right one

but after we cut it and cleaned it off, he realized that it was too tall. so steve took that one.

of course, she picked out a mini pumpkin. her very favorite size, after all.

after continuing his search, ander found his "perfect pumpkin - round and orange like the sun."

the weigh-in

riding in style
after getting settled back into the minivan, ander sighed and said, "that was great."  it sure was, especially when we followed it up with a session of pumpkin biscuit baking and making the first split-pea soup of the season. (i used salt pork for flavoring for the very first time.  whoa.)  the beautiful lighting came from our seasonal assortment of candles - beautiful to see and to smell.

seasons greetings from all of us to all of you!

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  1. That looks so fun! Ander's pumpkin really is perfect.

    P.S. I agree with Diana--mini pumpkins are the best size. And super cute!