Thursday, September 19, 2013


the temperatures have finally started to drop, perhaps in anticipation of the autumnal equinox.

pretty soon, it will be too cold to splash around in buttermilk creek.  then i'll have to console myself with the memories of this summer's experience with taryn & joy & their lovely mama.

my kids each had the chance to go creeking while at their respective summer camps; diana had come to this very spot, in fact, and was excited to spend more time exploring.  ander had been reluctant to get in the water with his fellow campers, but this quieter, calmer, lingering-over-every-cool-thing group of girls was perfect for him to feel comfortable and curious.

a walk in the woods is idyllic with no one else around

shallow, clear water . . .

. . . with inviting stepping stones

out for an "explore"

come over here with me, sister

testing the waters

venturing in

and thanks to this lovely lady . . .

. . . i'm actually in a picture.
we'll be back in the spring.  maybe with a sack full of buttermilk biscuits to snack on.

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