Monday, September 2, 2013

can you canoe? we can ~ so can you!

canoeing at alum creek during a visit with my parents in ohio. a perfect outing: lovely summer's day, not too hot, not too crowded (on a weekday instead of weekend), comfortable seats, having mummy's leave to trail fingers in the cool water, watching the jetskis and water skiers and powerboats, rocking along to the gentle wakes, calling ahoy to each other, navigating around buoys, just the right amount of time to explore and get into an easy rhythm, then head for home.

gammy, the photographer & ander, the Holder of the Emergency Whistle

papou & diana

consulting about our destination(s)

ready to head into the waves created by passing motorcraft

can i try now, mama?

investigating how to create his own wakes with his paddle

in sync

heading into a cove along the great gray-green greasy limpopo river, all set about with fever trees

i love this boy's hair . . .

. . . and this girl's smile
the post-game photo

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