Wednesday, August 7, 2013


legos, legos, everywhere.  other lego enthusiasts.  as soon as i heard about this lego convention a few months ago, i put it on the calendar, knowing that we simply must attend.

i did worry just a little.  it was held at an expo center, a big building with lots of noise, and there was an estimate of 20,000 attendees over the weekend, so lots of people.  not ideal conditions for any of our family members.

it was better than i anticipated, though.  despite the long lines to enter, it was a relatively short wait.  people moved quickly and quietly.  once inside, everything was well-labeled and accessible.  people shared space in a very friendly and accommodating manner and respected the boundaries of the plastic chains to keep from crowding or touching the builds (i loved the quote i saw in several places, something about "fingers caught touching the displays would be returned to their owners at the end of the convention").  even in the stay and play space, where kids could get their hands on the legos and build racing cars to compete, people gave each other room to work.  the only unhappy sounds i heard were from ander when we were too close to the loudspeakers while the announcer was calling out the bingo game.

there were planes, trains, and automobiles.  castles, cities, constructions and complete fantasylands.  working ferris wheels and an extreme rube-goldberg machine of sorts to keep a ball rolling from one moving build to another along tables.  things to see, things to do, things to buy, people to meet.

the convention attendees (of all ages) typically sat near their builds and were visibly pleased when we uttered exclamations of excitement upon seeing their creations.  most were comfortable enough to answer questions about their work.  it makes me wonder if we should be attendees of the convention, rather than mere observers, next year . . .

these photos represent just a smidgen of what was on display.  steve and i spent more time ogling than taking photos, but these are some highlights:

ander's favorite section: space themed builds. the gentleman here was happy to tell ander about what he and his son built

i'd call this an extreme build. this was HUGE!

c is for construction

love this little bagpiper

a nod to doctor who

mosaic work

scaled snails

hedwig. the theme for this year's brickfair was birds. note the books and golden snitch are also lego.

the largest displays with multiple builders were amazing to behold, especially the ones with working trains

seriously. 15,000 pieces in this shuttle.
these people understand the need to touch the legos, not simply look at them. this is a convention, not a museum!
mama having lots of fun!

boy doing what he does best

ander got to meet some of his youtube heroes at the brick show
the mini-est of legos, modulex pieces, suited diana just fine.  she's now the proud owner of some, along with a tiny box to keep them in.  because mini.
just one of the many, many magnificent builds with so many delightful details to discover. i wonder how much this weighs.

see you next year, lego fans!

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