Tuesday, July 9, 2013

yes, there were vikings in oklahoma

day 7 of our trip.  the view was lovely from our hotel room window.

the lush green countryside was a vast difference from the rocky desert we had left just a short time ago
our planned sightseeing adventure of the day was a park built around the past presence of vikings.  in oklahoma.

well off the beaten path, but margaret the gps got us there

we did not know, but were very pleased to discover, that a celtic festival was present on that very weekend.

yes, we did purchase a set of these for the kids to do battle with safely.  sort of.  diana got a lovely little dagger.

the birds of prey were beautiful.  this is a bombay falcon, i believe, that diana was petting here.  there was also a red-tailed hawk.  the handler confirmed what i had heard previously, that it is the scream of a re-tailed hawk that is often ascribed to a bald eagle to make the latter sound more fierce.
ander also felt comfortable petting this gentle giant eagle owl.

peregrine falcon

we could have stayed all day to listen to music, eat food, and browse the vendors, but the lure of the runestones was too great.

the visitor's center had some great exhibits.  more exciting for me than anyone else in the family, except maybe for diana, who spent some time studying runes.  she loves the written word in so many forms, including elder futhark.*

thor's hammers

there were two paths down to the runestone, which was protected within a building constructed around it.  it was fun for the kids to split up to see who would arrive first.

and there it is.  i wish we could have touched it, traced it with our fingers, done a charcoal rubbing.  of course that wouldn't be allowed.  it might be damaged.  i could have sat down to sketch it, but the kids were having more fun exploring the surroundings.

as we drove towards the state border, we discussed with amusement the mixes of words to create names, like arkoma and texarkana.   we stopped for lunch at waffle house, since ander did not get his requisite pancake or waffle for breakfast at the hotel.  forget about "the natural state" - ander dubbed arkansas "the waffle state."

day 1 - woodland, ca to yosemite bug = 178 miles
day 2 - to san marcos, ca = 390 miles
day 3 - to williams, az = 576 miles
day 4 - round trip train ride to grand canyon = 120 miles
day 5 - to santa rosa, nm = 437 miles
day 6 - to shawnee, ok = 460 miles

day 7 - to lonoke, ar = 319 miles
miles traveled by end of day 7 =  2480 miles

on to the next travel post

* please, to anyone who would like to seriously debate or debunk any of the information about vikings, runes, or anything else pertaining to them, kindly go elsewhere.  there are scholars about this who are far more prepared and interested in engaging with you.  i present it in the spirit of sharing our experience.  it was fun for us.

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