Sunday, July 7, 2013

volcanic boneyard

one of the reasons i was able to step out of my comfort zone to spend time at meteor crater was the relatively short travel day we had planned.  (steve, understandably, was a little tired of not having more than my goal of "let's get to this city by the end of the day sometime" so he capably took on the role of determining start & end times & finding us places to stay each night.)

i had scheduled a stop to el malpais national monument in new mexico because it sounded pretty interesting.  ander was fascinated by volcanoes and diana had studied igneous rocks in her geology lab (she loves obsidian, in particular) and i just liked the idea of exploring lava tubes.

there was pretty much one way in and out of el malpais along the route we were taking.  el calderon seemed like the best place to go.



day 1 - to midpines, ca = 178 miles
day 2 - to san marcos, ca = 390 miles
day 3 - to williams, az = 576 miles
day 4 - to grand canyon = 120 miles
day 5 - to meteor crater near winslow, az = 77 miles
          - and on to santa rosa, nm = 360 miles
miles traveled after day 5 = 1601 miles

on to the next travel post

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