Monday, July 8, 2013

get your kicks

it was going to be a three-state travel day.  finishing up new mexico, traversing the top part of texas, then entering oklahoma.

i wanted to stop in amarillo, tx, well . . . just because.  and we realized the kids had never been to a dq.  so, there you go.  ice cream for lunch. so worth it for all the happy faces.

cue music . . . "ooooooooooh - kla-ho-ma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains!"

(isn't hugh jackman dreamy? i didn't know he could sing!)

i loved the color palette along the road

it worked out so well to make that unanticipated stop at meteor crater, leaving plenty of time to roam around what we wanted to see at el malpais, that we decided to try out another slight detour.

the route 66 museum in clinton, ok is a must-see for anyone who likes cars, museums, nostalgia, or some combination.  we were in for a real treat behind those doors.



we came away with a car for ander, a pair of fuzzy dice for diana, and a great book: annie mouse's route 66 adventure: a photo journal by anne slanina.

our meals were hit-or-miss along the way.  we bypassed most fast-food, since the kids won't eat it anyway, and we tried for family-friendly buffets when we could so that there would be something for everyone's particular tastes.  denny's was within walking distance of the hotel for the night and this caught our eye:

right up diana's alley (steve's, too)

salted caramel brownie sundae with bacon. also available without bacon. but why?
preparing postcards for her best buddies
day 1 - to midpines, ca = 178 miles
day 2 - to san marcos, ca = 390 miles
day 3 - to williams, az = 576 miles
day 4 - to grand canyon = 120 miles
day 5 - to santa rosa, nm = 437 miles
day 6 - to shawnee, ok = 460 miles
miles traveled by end of day 6 =  2161 miles

on to the next travel post

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