Thursday, July 11, 2013

fly to paradise

virtual choir 4: fly to paradise

i am a part of it.

i fell in love with eric whitacre and his music a long time ago, when i had the opportunity to sing his lux arumque with an acappella choir soon after diana arrived on the scene.

i watched his ted talks and videos of his prior virtual choirs.  i am spellbound by him as a composer and conductor, and i wished out loud that i could be a part of his amazing virtual collaborative work.

so, steve, my partner in so many aspects of life, including music (we were nearly inseparable in osu's chorale), signed me up for the newsletter to ensure i would not miss the next opportunity.

i balked, as i tend to do with something new, but my desire to sing as part of a group again was overpowering.  as was this choral masterpiece:

eric and his team's preparation for virtual choir 4 was spectacular.  sheet music, listening tracks for all vocal parts, practice videos out the wazoo, a whole virtual community to welcome and involve us.

i rehearsed.  diana watched and listened and appreciatively commented that i sounded good.  ander watched and listened and hugged me, saying he liked the song.  and we had heard only the choral tracks - none of us had any idea how the music would sound with the solos and techno tracks underneath.

steve found me some earbuds & set up the laptop for me.  eric's technical team took care of the rest, thoughtfully preparing the technology so that recording and uploading was easy.  they thought of everything - there was nothing to prevent a singer from participating.

i began recording and stopped.  made some corrections, started again, and stopped.  got frustrated with needing to clear my throat, adjust my position in the camera frame, reset the earbuds.  i wasn't satisfied with how i looked or sounded on video.  then diana came in from the other room and encouraged me to just go for it.  i took a deep breath, released myself from fear and into the joy, and sang from my heart.

and now, i will forever be a part of this creative, unprecedented musical experience.  i flew into paradise.

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  1. that is AMAZING! what an incredible experience and you helped make it happen.