Tuesday, June 18, 2013

pretty plantings

i think we got a pretty late start on our gardening.  granted, we did depart just two months ago, but mother nature follows her own timeline regardless and it's up to us to join in when we can.

i got some darling little organic tomato seedlings that a fellow freecycler started from her own seeds.  i have no idea what kind of tomatoes they are.  this is part of the adventure.

we don't really have much garden space here.  there's plenty of green around - we're not short on that - but nothing like what we had at either place we lived in woodland.  sigh.  we'll make the most of what we have.

but, wait.  lots of people garden in containers on decks and porches and in little spaces.  we get plenty of southern sun, so we have plenty of opportunity to experiment.  take a look at this blog post about another creative way to grow on a deck from gwyn at dirt under my fingernails.

we didn't bring any of our containers on the move, with the exception of one special planter box, so we needed to start from scratch.

thus entered freecycle.  i asked for containers of any and all shapes and sizes and materials.  we scored big.

then i purchased electrical tape in bright colors.

cleaned the pots first so that the tape would stick,


then let our imagination run free:

yup, there's a mustache on one of them. can you spot it?

this has a diamondback rattlesnake wrapping itself all around the pot
ander declined to decorate a pot himself but made a request that i use only red stripes, so i did (see above), and added a big blue "a" which was well-received.

then it was time for planting.  ander was enthusiastic about growing sunflowers after reading eric carle's the tiny seed and was a little over-zealous about making sure there were enough seeds, so he placed many, many seeds in each little hole.  hmmm.  can't wait to see what becomes of the whole packet of basil seeds he poured out. 

he's really good at watering, though.  this is the point at which he self-identified as a gardener, or, in his terms, a "grower."

mister uncle brian looks on as ander wields his watering weapon of choice
the next day we browsed through local meadows farms nursery and picked up a large assortment of things to grow: marigolds, gerber daisies (they make me smile so much), petunias (lilac mist), strawberries, sunspot cherry tomatoes, purple cabbage, lime mint, rosemary, and seeds for parsley.

we watered.  we watched.  we waited.

and now, barely within a month, we can see the changes that happen on an almost daily basis.

pumpkins on the porch

pumpkins down below (in the tiny plot near the fence)

first blossoms on the tiny tomatoes
lime mint in the moustache pot

bathing in basil, plus actual strawberries
a proliferation of petunias
diana's birthday planter from a friend in california is the home for her favorite flowers. ander's sunflowers are to the left in the red-striped container
ander picked this shade. these daisies make him happy, too.


  1. This amazes me. We find it so hard to grow ANYTHING from seed on our deck, due to the stupid squirrels which proliferate around here. I usually opt for getting starter plants from the local farmers market on Saturdays - they're not so susceptible to squirrel damage.

    1. perhaps i should mention that our deck is well above ground. we have three floors, and our deck is on the main floor, out from the kitchen/dining area. though there are plenty of trees, i have yet to see any squirrels doing their daredevil diving to reach our deck. i am surprised that the birds did not come to get the sunflower seeds. in hindsight, perhaps i was smart to not set up a birdfeeder, too, right there, though i would love one so we can watch the birds eat as we have our breakfast. have not yet been to the farmer's market here, though that was the main source of our seedlings back in california. i miss one gardener in particular who had a delightful assortment of hardy herbs.

  2. my pum-kins! they're growing!