Monday, June 24, 2013

over the (potomac) river and through the woods (or mountain range)

we went to visit lots of grandparents this weekend.

saturday we headed out for another beautiful drive down towards the blue ridge mountains to see gigi (steve's grandmother).  the kids especially love to see and hang out with her.

ok, this was from the week before, but you get the idea
there's always a treat on the way back home; after about an hour, we reach the moo-thru, where ander gets a scoop of chocolate on a cone, diana gets an upside down cookie dough, and i get a waffle cone of whatever tickles my fancy that day.  yesterday it was mint chocolate chip.  it should be called mint chocolate chunk, because there were generous helpings of the brown stuff in amongst the green.

ooh, i remember this one - snickers & peanut butter chocolate!

it's important to visit the happy cow
today we anticipated rain, but the skies were clear for our whole day to see grandma and grandpa (steve's folks) in the alleghany mountains in maryland.

papasan chair! it's a nest!

we had just enough time to take in a bit of the chesapeake & ohio canal national historic park visitor center.  as per usual, i got excited and bought books and a magnet and postcards and grabbed some maps for later perusal.  diana would have loved to investigate all the curious aspects of the museum, but ander was itching to see the trains we had promised.

the steam engine had already left the station for the day, but the caboose was open, and an obliging docent gave us a fantastic tour and thorough description of the parts and purposes of the caboose and its inhabitants.

chillin' in the cupola

"all looks good here"

our family is exceedingly fond of ice cream.  so we ended our excursion with a walk to the queen city creamery

i'm hoping to indulge in the cuisine at the crabby pig, if only because the name makes me giggle out loud.

i had to stop on the way back at an antique shop in the village of lucketts, va because of, well...



ander: "look - busts!"
it's crucial to have a well-lubricated rooster

sadly, the store was closed (understandable for late on a sunday evening), but we are definitely coming back to get something for the yard.  i just have to make sure it fits in the back of the minivan.

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