Tuesday, June 18, 2013

let them eat...cupcakes

olga came back for a second time to work with diana on cake decorating.  i served as sous chef again, dutifully preparing cupcakes in either chocolate fudge or spice flavors, mixing colors of icing to diana's specifications, filling the decorator bags, and generally cleaning up so that diana and olga could concentrate on technique and artistry during their time together.

drop flowers



working with the flower nail

pompom flower


olga's creations

diana-designed tower of treats
as olga had told us, the color intensified over time.  the violet reached a jewel tone after only a few hours.

we look forward to practicing skills over the summer and maybe, if we are lucky, have olga back to work on more advanced flowers.  then there are gum paste and fondants to experiment with!

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  1. Wow! Diana's really good at cake decorating!