Friday, May 24, 2013

fabulous friday findings

it's been a good day.

i woke feeling rested. diana and steve went out for their early-morning walk.  ander played with legos and was actually excited to put on his new-ish shoes to go out.  they were yesterday's finds via our local freecycle group: they light up when he stomps.

my email and twitter feeds held excellent recommendations this morning.  among them:

a new blog to follow

a place that custom-designs accessories for your LEGO minifigs

a new website for learning a foreign language, among other things

and this, courtesy of

of course, with the fabulous-ness of that video, diana and i simply had to watch one, a couple, a few several others from AsapSCIENCE.  they're of the same persuasion as minute physics and our favorite mathemusician, vi hart.

and the day just kept getting better!

it was cool and windy, so i could have the windows open and enjoy the lower humidity.  my warm chai tastes better on this kind of day.  everything was going great...then...i scored a monumental find via freecycle - a captain's bed for ander!  the mattress is up off the floor, there's drawer space underneath and even a tiny nook with a door that he or diana (not both simultaneously) can crawl into and hide away.

we read new stories before bedtime and i was pleased to discover that both kids were vastly satisfied with the book faerie's selections yesterday from our new local library.  diana's been devouring them like a half-starved animal; i can see the completed texts scattered haphazardly throughout the house like so many carcasses, still with plenty of juicy morsels to entice her back and hungrily glean more from the well-worn pages.  with ander, i led with authors and illustrators he knows and loves (theo leseig, mike mcclintock); when i had him warmed up and engaged with those, i picked up another unfamiliar title and read aloud, mostly towards diana who was snuggled up on one side of me.  although ander was on the other side of me paging through the book we had just read aloud together, i snuck occasional glances at him; he was avidly following along with the book in my hand.

so, with my tummy full of hummus from finger-food-friday supper and the kids tucked into their warm beds and the house silent except for the occasional sounds of the bunny waking up from her nap to find a new place to settle down to sleep again, i have some solitary time to practice my part for eric whitacre's virtual choir 4: bliss and get back to my blog, which i have dearly missed.

yes.  it's been a fabulous day full of findings.


i wish that i had duck feet by theo leseig
a fly went by by mike mcclintock
wiggle and waggle by caroline arnold


george and the big bang by lucy & stephen hawking
the facts in the case of the departure of miss finch by neil gaiman
the time hackers by gary paulsen
hitler's daughter by jackie french
agnes parker...girl in progress by kathleen o'dell
agnes parker...happy camper? by kathleen o'dell 
the familiars by adam epstein & andrew jacobson (to be forthcoming, i learned she had read this long ago and loved it; it was the source of a name for one of her littlest pet shop creatures.  yes, each and every one of them has a name from her.)


  1. Dawn, I feel so honored that I was one of your Friday finds. Found this post via your twitter feed. Sounds like a lovely day.

  2. i'm tickled that we found each other via twitter! i am finding all sorts of lovely people this way, people who make up my community. looking forward to exploring your blog even more. :)

  3. A day like this is a wonder to behold, no?
    Hope another comes your way again soon : )
    (PS - I Wish I Had Duck Feet was one of my favorites as a child!)