Tuesday, April 30, 2013

many a mile

there's a tmbg song called "813 mile car trip."  i thought of that song quite a bit as we drove across the country.

according to google maps, the distance from woodland, ca to reston, va is approximately 2,745 miles.  there were a whole lot of mountains, windmills, djinn sightings, and replayings of jim weiss' recording of good luck, duck during those miles.  not a single instance of singing about bottles of beer on the wall, but plenty of justin roberts and domestic science club to fill in between

we didn't exactly go the direct route, however.  steve looked at the gps we used along the way and said it logged us in at roughly 5,200 miles.  seriously?  i think i need to check that number, but that will have to wait until another time when i feel like looking up all the details.

what i can say is that i am ever so happy to be released from the confines of our travel minivan, however luxurious it was, and from sleeping in hotels, even if the holiday inn express beds were extra comfy and their child-thrilling 3d pancake printer welcomed us at breakfast time.

i am amidst the chaos of books (the things i unpacked first), toys (unpacked in between books), and half-unpacked boxes of just about everything else, but boy, i am happyer to be home.

read about our travel adventure starting here

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