Sunday, February 3, 2013

when you give a boy some bongos...

...he's going to want to play them.

this weekend we had the chance to get together with some other families and a delightful musician who talked about and demonstrated some of his instruments.

it was so much fun to participate in a bilingual class (english and spanish) and listen to music with more of a mexican flair, much like what we overhear from the wedding receptions held in the church hall across the street from our home.  no brass instruments (a disappointment for ander), but plenty of guitars, including a 12-string, and a ukulele.

pablo was pleased that i could correctly identify it (i counted the strings) and that i was excited about world ukulele day.  he encouraged me to try it out and taught me some chords.

it was so much fun! i want one of these - so much so that i had selected one to put on my amazon wish list.  steve, if you are reading this post, this is my big hint that it would make an awesome birthday gift for me!

we borrowed the harp from the woodland toy library. it needs some tuning.

ander is a consummate professional, and bows after each performance, no matter the size of his audience
sister being her sweet, sassy self

another find from the toy library that can stand up to serious banging
pablo plays his uke
i think he's a lefty player. he always holds guitars this way.

diana on the bongos. i learned that some drums are tunable to change their pitch. i had no idea.
yup, that's me with a ukuleleeeee!

entirely gratuitous photo of my happy musical children