Tuesday, February 19, 2013

they might have been hidden, but we found them

hiking in hidden falls regional park: a pictorial. 

photos of me, or those not taken by me, are courtesy of our visiting friend, shari.

oddly enough, though diana was with us, most of the pictures were of her brother.  maybe it's because he decided to be the leader and set the pace for the rest of us.  nicely done, everyone, for going up and down a decent amount of elevation on the hilly, red clay terrain for over three miles.  i'm sure the chocolate frogs at the midway point didn't hurt any.




  1. Diana's explorer hat brim shaded so much of her face, I didn't get any good shots of her head-on. I think some of my other shots of her from this hike were out of focus, or weren't great shots.

  2. i agree entirely. i looked through all of mine and all of yours. i am not at all disappointed, though, as the shots we collectively got adequately represented the joy we had, i think.