Saturday, February 2, 2013


diana barely remembers snow.  she'd had some experiences with it at a very young age; mostly her memories are based on what i depict in our scrapbooks (another reason i'm glad when i put the time into those - they tell our family story).

i don't know what ander thinks of snow.  real snow, not the kind you read about in books or see in pictures or movies.  diana did try to create a frosty experience for her brother, but it couldn't give the full effect.

we'd been planning to go on a day trip to find some snow.  fortunately, we had friends who wanted to do the same thing, and who volunteered to drive us, and who knew just the place to go.

finally, after what seemed like forever to the kids (you know, the ones who think that if it doesn't happen right now it will never happen), we awoke to a beautiful, clear, sunny day.

after donning snow-themed sweaters and collecting our coats and boots and hats and scarves and extra clothing and snacks and almost-entirely-useless-gloves-that-were-not-made-of-water-proof-material-so-they-got-soaked-and-cold-too-quickly, we made it to our friends' house, got all loaded up, and headed off in search of snow.

i could tell we were getting closer when i saw more pine trees, then huge hills of pine trees, then little patches of white, then big patches of white, and then all sorts of pine trees and lots of white.

we'd found snow!  ah, snow!

snow wasn't actually falling at that moment, but it already had, so the sledding slopes, already full of people, were ready to accommodate our group.

the "before" photo

trying out the circular sled. he preferred the toboggan style on the snow.
the girls seemed at ease with whatever they used

what goes down must come back up (if you want to do it again)

genuine enthusiasm

believe it or not, i requested to have photographic evidence that i was there and actually participated

i was laughing too hard to get up

the "after" photo
i couldn't help myself - his "hat hair" was simply charming

we ended our sledding on a good note, and at just the right time. this is what we faced upon our departure.

after stopping for an early dinner, the cherry cobbler was...indescribably yummy. i could easily get a whole pie and excuse myself for a while into a private room, accompanied by a single fork.
it was a splendid, superb, spectacular, sensational, snow day.

note: this was my first attempt at making a movie via youtube. i am quite proud of myself that i accomplished my goal - a video that makes me smile when i see it.  even better, diana and ander smile when they see it, and i know that our snow friends are happy with it, too.  i don't know which is more enjoyable for me, watching the video or watching ander watch the video.  the expressions on his face tell me that he is happily reliving the experience.  i did it - i captured the memory!

i am very much happyer at home today.

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