Sunday, February 3, 2013

obsessed with owls

one of the cool things about diana is her full-fledged enthusiasm about, well, all sorts of things. fortunately for me, there's usually only one (or two) at a time, so i have some chance of keeping up with her.

right now it's owls.

she reminded me that it all started when we were shopping for new winter pajamas for the kids.  she fell in love with a big-girl fleecy sleeper, complete with hood and detachable footies (important for these bodies growing taller by the moment), that was covered with adorable owls.

the sleeper that started all the fuss
the children had gifted me some mommy-sized owl pajamas back a christmas or two ago, and diana thought the sleeper would be a perfect accompaniment; a mommy-and-me set (oh, how i adore when she wants to be like me!)

and so it began.


guardians of ga'hoole, books 1-4 (proud owner)
guardians of ga'hoole, the rest of the series (from the library)
the owl book by laura storms
about owls by may garelick
owl babies by martin waddell (adorable animated version of book below)

reference websites
the owl pages
how owls spin their heads
guardians of ga'hoole wiki


new "purple papou" glasses, selected to make her look owly


the owl she made for herself while she was waiting for the shirt she commissioned
the shirt she commissioned from gentry's closet
a big round of kudos goes to vibeca from gentry's closet.  diana was becoming despondent the more she searched online for clothing with owls - nothing seemed to fit her style or size or price range.  then i remembered the very friendly, talented small-business-owner we had met during the woodland holiday parade two years ago, from whom we purchased darling legwarmers.  i contacted her via facebook to see if there was anything she could do to help us out - and there was!  she and diana worked together to identify the design, colors, and font.  the result was stunning and diana felt quite content with her purchase.


in "the nest"
the other inhabitants of "the nest," with hedwig the snowy owl from harry potter world at right
how she greets herself for meals


while she did appreciate examining the taxidermied owls at cache creek, she would much prefer to pet a live one, if it showed this kind of contentment.

she'll have an owl-themed birthday party soon, complete with a spectacular cake made by her daddy, that may (or may not) include lasers shooting out of its eyes and chocolate "pellets."

the intense crush on all-things-owl will fade, as it tends to with other things, after a brief period of obsession, into one of her many long-term curiosity-based relationships.  owls will take their place alongside frogs, spiders, quarks, and giant microbes (which keep popping up and multiplying around here).  they'll make appearances again as she rereads her books, as she always does, or writes, or composes music, or draws/paints/collages her visual art.  they are, and will continue to be, a pleasant memory in her cute and quirky personal history.

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