Thursday, January 10, 2013

if you're feeling sad because all the chrismas decorations are down

...i humbly offer our preparations for the next month or so.

there are so many things to look forward to, particularly in february.

groundhog day

chinese new year

mardi gras

valentine's day

what?  you didn't know about all these?  here, let me clue you in.

groundhog day is celebrated on february 2nd.  i snagged diana's favorite book from the library already, the groundhog day book of facts and fun by wendie old, and i have several others on request to see if they appeal to my littlest reader.

perhaps we'll watch the movie by the same name, starring bill murray and andie macdowell.  we've already enjoyed schlessinger media's holidays for children: groundhog day, which had a great little explanation about forecasting.

i definitely think we'll make the cookie recipe i found at this website; i might even splurge for a special cookie cutter!

diana will probably enjoy making these from our favorite papercrafter, the toymaker.

ok, so maybe there aren't a whole lot of household decorations for groundhog day.  stay tuned for chinese new year...


  1. Hah! I was actually thinking last night as I emptied the last garbage can of pine needles how glad I am the Christmas decorations are packed away for another year. But the Groundhog day cookies have me intrigued.. .

    1. given our family situation and location this year, i did not put up all of our usual holiday decorations, only a subset, though i still did switch out winter solstice for christmas on the tree. the put-up and take-down happened in stages. just yesterday i got the last packed up in the well-labeled storage bins, only to realize that i now need to change the labels because i found a more efficient way of packing them.

      shall i order you a cookie cutter when i order mine? :)

  2. As always, your home will be filled with cheer! Sounds delightful for everyone : )

  3. Groundhog Day is a great focus for a multipart lesson about forecasting. Before the day we could talk about different sources for forecasting winter (multi-year meteorological, within-the-year meteorological, farmer's almanac, groundhog, other old wives' tales) and how to define the end of winter (last frost? last rain?) Groundhog Day itself can give the kids a chance to make their own prediction based on whatever they want. The end of winter (as they defined it) gives a chance to measure performance of the predictions. A key concept is the idea of checking predictions to see how they do.