Wednesday, January 30, 2013


though i do list many/most of the books the kids and i read (at least since i started this blog last year), i realize it can be cumbersome to trudge through the whole tab, especially when looking for one thing in particular.

so, while i work out some design issues to allow for easier browsing, please allow me to offer here what i mentioned in my previous post regarding learning about others.  these are all diana-approved:


the groundbreaking, chance-taking life of george washington carver and science and invention in america by cheryl harness
the adventurous life of myles standish and the amazing-but-true survival story of plymouth colony by cheryl harness
galileo by leonard fisher
tycho brahe: astronomer by mary gow
isaac newton (giants of science) by kathleen krull
charles darwin (giants of science) by kathleen krull
henry VIII, royal beheader by sean price
henry VIII: the king, his six wives, and his court by nick ford
escape! the story of the great houdini by sid fleischman
the trouble begins at 8: a life of mark twain in the wild, wild west by sid fleischman
sir charlie: chaplin, the funniest man in the world by sid fleischman
stephen hawking: breaking the boundaries of time and space by john bankston
marie curie (giants of science) by kathleen krull
sigmund freud (giants of science) by kathleen krull
albert einstein (giants of science) by kathleen krull
isaac newton: the scientist who changed everything by philip steele
darwin by alice mcginty
remember the ladies: a story about abigail adams by jeri ferris
you're on your way, teddy roosevelt by judith st. george
make your mark, franklin roosevelt by judith st. george
minty: a story of young harriet tubman by alan schroeder
ghandi by demi
heroes: great men through the ages by rebecca hazell
joan of arc by diane stanley
the flower hunter: william bartram, america's first naturalist by deborah kogan ray
saladin: noble prince of islam by stanley
sarah emma edmonds was a great pretender by jones
liberty's voice: the emma lazarus story by silverman
marco polo by preston
marco polo by riddle & ingpen
kubla kahn, the emperor of everything by kathleen krull
who was queen elizabeth? by june eding
who was albert einstein? by jess brallier
who was amelia earhart? by kate jerome
who was king tut? by roberta edwards
who was ronald reagan? by joyce milton
who was william shakespeare? by celeste mannis
who was harry houdini? by tui sutherland
who was leonardo da vinci? by roberta edwards
who was charles darwin? by deborah hopkinson
who was martin luther king, jr.? by bonnie bader
who was abraham lincoln? by janet pascal
who is neil armstrong? by roberta edwards

about writing & authors:

d is for dahl: a gloriumtious a-z guide to the world of roald dahl compiled by wendy cooling
oh, the places he went: a story about dr. seuss by maryann weidt
louisa may alcott: her girlhood diary edited/compiled by cary ryan
louisa: the life of louisa may alcott by yona zeldis mcdonough
five pages a day by kehret
spilling ink: a young writer's handbook by potter and mazer
the making of a writer by joan nixon
how i came to be a writer by phyllis naylor
lives of the writers: comedies, tragedies (and what the neighbors thought) by kathleen krull
sholom's treasure: how sholom alcheim became a writer by silverman
the road to oz: twists, turns, bumps, and triumphs in the life of l. frank baum by kathleen krull 

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