Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the capitol at the capital

a holiday is a lovely time to visit our state capitol, i think.

the wreaths were an elegant, understated touch
wait, didn't archimedes say this first? before the gold miners?

circling the great seal
diana with fellow roman goddess minerva

christopher columbus and queen isabella

the acoustics in the rotunda are impressive. oh, to be able to sing in here would be pure joy for me!
the grand staircases and elevators were ander's favorites

some really cool facts are available at the kids zone, but the tour guide really kept diana interested with all of the information he shared about the tiled floors, the domes, the doors, the colors, and the "secret" stairs. and he did it so that she felt comfortable asking questions.  you know, in a "not like a tour guide who says that it's ok to ask questions but then kind of gives the impression that questions are not really ok" kind of way.  diana sometimes feels uncomfortable asking questions when on a group tour, but definitely felt encouraged to do so.  she felt like he really involved the kids in active participation and discussion.

what a warm welcome to government!

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