Tuesday, December 11, 2012


this past weekend was all about lights.

there was the tree lighting ceremony on main street in woodland, just a few blocks' walk from where we live:
there was plenty of room in the plaza behind the choir and other musicians.  we could really enjoy the songs and still be out of the crowd.

i think we might have even contributed to the entertainment.  we brought (and wore) our own sleigh bells to shake in rhythm with the music.  ander especially appreciated "deck the halls" but was somewhat confused and disappointed when everyone sang the first verse twice instead of going on to the second verse.

we were actually right next to the tree, so we had a front-row seat to the excitement!
fat cat cafe, situated conveniently right behind the tree, was open late and happy to serve us.

when we went home that evening, ander was sad because we don't have our tree yet and he really wanted to light something.  ever the generous sister, diana didn't want him to be unhappy, so she brought out her little tree from her room, adorned it with lights, and encouraged ander to conduct his own countdown and plug in the strand, over and over.  it was a success!

the next day was the woodland holiday parade.  once again, living close by made a big difference in our enjoyment.  we easily found a space shielded from the sun and easy enough to duck away from the crowd and stretch our legs.  it was a wonderful opportunity for woodland to shine.
(and now for some gratuitous cookie-making photos which are not related to the topic of this post but are cute, nonetheless):

at dusk, by prior arrangement, i set out the paper bag luminaries.  when it was really dark, the kids and i strolled up and down our block to admire our neighbor's handiwork.

finally, for the musical part of this post, may i offer for your listening pleasure the sounds of our favorite jewish boy band, the maccabeats, to celebrate the festival of lights:

and from a spinoff group, called stand four:

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